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Light - LED 2-Arm Frost Tulip Chandelier 2333 1/12 scale replaceable battery

Light - LED 2-Arm Frost Tulip Chandelier 2333 1/12 scale replaceable battery
Light - LED 2-Arm Frost Tulip Chandelier 2333 1/12 scale replaceable battery
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Made by Houseworks

  2-Arm Frost Tulip Chandelier Lamp

w/ LED and Replaceable Battery


What a great idea!

This dollhouse lamp has an energy efficient and long lasting LED (light emitting diode) and comes with a lithium battery that is easily replaced. The on / off switch is on the base of the lamp. NO WIRING REQUIRED.  YEAH!!  Sconce and hanging lights are magnetized.  Peel and stick the small magnet base on the wall and the lamp sticks to it.   Unscrew the bottom to replace the long lasting battery.

 1/12 scale

Item Description:

  •  (2333) LED2-Arm Frost Tulip Chandelier

  • One LED lamp per order.
  • On / off switch in on the base.
  • 3-1/2" with chain." High (40mm).
  • Battery included.
  • Replaceable batteries sold separately.
  • No wiring / No plugs.
  • Place anywhere.
  • Easy to turn on and off.
  • One inch scale.
  • Made of metal.
  • Made in Taiwan.


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Thanks for looking!


Ebay Item Specifics
Brand Houseworks
Country of Manufacture China
Electrical LED & Replaceable Battery
Manufacturer Houseworks
Material Metal
MPN 2336
Scale 1/12 scale -- (1" = 1')
UPC Does not apply

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