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Double Working Window Dollhouse miniature wood #5044 1/12 scale Houseworks

Double Working Window Dollhouse miniature wood #5044 1/12 scale Houseworks
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Traditional Side-By-Side Working Window


1/12 (one inch) scale 

Made of pine, spruce, fir.


Item Description:

 (5044) Trad Side-by-Side Work Window
Item #5044 Double hung and self framing. Includes mullions, acrylic and interior trim. 
5 7/16"W x 5 5/16"H 
Fits opening: 5 1/16"W x5 1/16"H x 1/2"D
  • One double window per order.
  • Fits opening 5 1/16" sq x 1/2" D.
  • Made of unfinished pine, spruce, fir.
  • Has acrylic windows.
  • Come with pre-cut interior molding.
  • Double hung windows move up and down.
  • Acrylic "glass" is fixed and can not be removed.
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Ebay Item Specifics
Brand Houseworks
Manufacturer Houseworks
Material Wood
Scale 1:12
Type Windows
UPC Does not apply

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