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Steps Dura Craft compatible Part No 6-27 12pc dollhouse 1/12 scale miniature kit

Steps Dura Craft compatible Part No 6-27 12pc dollhouse 1/12 scale miniature kit
Steps Dura Craft compatible Part No 6-27 12pc dollhouse 1/12 scale miniature kit
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Staircase Steps

Dura Craft compatible part no. 6-26

1:12 scale

Made by Manchester Dollhouse and Woodworks

  • These steps are a close match for steps on the San Franciscan SF557.
  • Dura Crafts' steps are a little shorter.  They use 13 steps, ours use 12 steps.
  • They are cut to the same width and have a similar slope..

For Instructions read below.


  • 12 pieces measuring 11/16"thick x 1 wide x 2-1/2" long.
  • The tread is about 1/2" wide. These stairs are narrow and steep.
  • It has an 1/8"  bullnose detail.
  • Made of unfinished  basswood.
  • We made this to replace the plywood steps in a Linfield Dollhouse.
  • Each step is pre-cut to a 2-1/2" width.  You glue them together.
  • See instructions below.
  • Photo #2 shows a top view of how these could be glued to create a spiral staircase.

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Instructions for Making Dollhouse Wooden Stairs


Tools and materials needed:

  1. Staircase stock
  2. Saw (miter box)
  3. Wood glue
  4. Wax paper
  5. Ruler
  6. Wet cloth to wipe up excess glue.




1.      Measure the vertical height from floor to floor.  Each step is a little over 13/16” (.83”) high. Divide the total height by 13/16” or .83 and you will have the number of steps needed. 

If math is not your strong point, use;

·        11 steps for an 8-1/2” ceiling height

·        12 steps for a 9-1/4” ceiling height.

·        13 steps for a 10-1/8” ceiling height.


2.      Cut each step to the desired length. Use a stop block (a wood block you can butt the end of the staircase stock to to keep it from moving) on your miter box for repeat cuts.

3.      Sand the riser and tread of each step.

4.      Clamp a stop block to your work surface and lay out a sheet of wax paper.

5.      If you plan to use balusters and a hand rail this is the time to drill the holes in each step. (But don't glue the balusters in place yet.)

6.   Add a bead of glue to each surface and press each piece together flat on its back. Glue on top of  wax paper to keep glue off your work surface. Butt the pieces up to a stop block to help hold them in place.

7.   After the glue is set, sand the edges and back. Be careful not to drop or bend the stairs. If it breaks, reglue it.

8.      Set the stairs in place and mark where to cut the top step in order to glue it to the upper floor.

9.  Cut the top step, sand the stairs, install the newel post, handrail and balusters if you wish.

10.  Finish and glue the staircase in place.


·        The photo shows a rounded first step

·        If you experiment, you may create a spiral staircase

        from this stock. See ebay photo #2




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Ebay Item Specifics
Brand Dura-Craft
Features Kit
Manufacturer Manchester Wood Works
Material Basswood
Scale 1:12 scale -- 1 inch scale
UPC Does not apply

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