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Chopper II - Modeler's & Miniaturist Hobby Cutting Tool #69-4 cutoff large size

Chopper II - Modeler's & Miniaturist Hobby Cutting Tool #69-4 cutoff large size
Chopper II - Modeler's & Miniaturist Hobby Cutting Tool #69-4 cutoff large size
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NorthWest Short Line

The Chopper II - Modeler's Cutting Tool

used for miniature work such as
model airplanes, ship building, dollhouse furniture, and architectural models



Item Description:

  • This is the stout sturdy steel version of the Chopper.
  • Use to cut softwood and styrene to length.
  • Cleas, quick, accurate cutoffs and mitre cuts of stripwood material.
  • Base is 7" x 7".
  • Uses an easy to change standard single edge razor blade that screws to an aluminum cutting arm.
  • Two adjustable stops on an aluminum fence.
  • This Chopper is for cutting thicker balsa and basswood stock.
  • It is a sturdy solid version and made for cutting angles on a variety of sizes.
  • Angle jigs for  30, 45, & 60 degrees.
  • Here is a  list from the box:
  1.     Model Railroad ties
  2. Miniature picture frames
  3. Scale windows & Doors
  4. Aerospace plastic signs
  5. Model boat and car parts
  6. Trestle and bridge parts
  7. Individual roof shingles
  8. Model airplane frames and stringers
  9. Scale building trim, wall studs, molding and more.
  • Idea for models, miniature kits, and hobby building.
  • Made in Taiwan for NWSL.
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Ebay Item Specifics
Age 12 & Up
Brand NWSL
Country of Manufacture United States
Country/Region of Manufacture United States
Material Metal & Plastic & Wood
Type Model Tools
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