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Black Walnut wood Flooring Sheet dollhouse #7021 1p Houseworks 1/12 scale

Black Walnut wood Flooring Sheet dollhouse #7021  1p Houseworks 1/12 scale
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Houseworks / Handley House

Black Walnut Plank Flooring

1/12 scale  
Instructions below.
Item Description:

  (7021) Black Walnut Wood Floor
Item #7021 This wood flooring is made of genuine wood veneers which have been laminated to a special paper to ensure easy installation.
Each package contains one 11" x 17" sheet which covers 187 square inches.

  • Black Walnut Flooring Sheet with backing.
  • One sheet per order.
  • Sheet measures 11 x 17 x 1/32" thick (278mm x 430mm x1mm).
  • The slats are 1/4" wide.
  • This is a  veneer 1/32" thick with a sturdy paper backing.
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Cut with scissors to room size.
  • Sand with 220 grit sandpaper.
  • Use contact adhesive.
  • See detailed introductions below.

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INSTRUCTIONS for Installing Dollhouse Wood Flooring:

Tools and Materials needed.

  1. Flooring
  2. Contact Adhesive (available at hardware stores).
  3. Small disposable glue or acid brush.
  4. Roller (to help press wood flooring securely to sub-floor).
  5. Scissors (to cut wood flooring).
  6. Mineral Spirits for clean up.

READ all warnings and instructions for using contact adhesive before beginning process. Keep away from flames and ventilate work area.

To Begin:

  • Cut the flooring sheet to the size of the room, and check the fit.
  • Apply a liberal coat of contact adhesive (not contact cement!!) to the sub-floor of the dollhouse. Allow to dry until slightly tacky but not wet.
  • Apply a liberal coat of contact adhesive to the back of the flooring sheet and also allow the dry until slightly tacky but not wet
  • After adhesive dries, alien the edge of the sheet along one wall and carefully press the sheet down as you go.
  • If it does not bond well add a second  coat.  Some woods are more porous and require two coats.
  • Once some or all if the floor is glued, use a roller to increase the contact between the wood flooring sheet and the sub-floor. A rolling pin, glass bottle, or j-roller work well.
  • Make the strips looked “pegged” by punching the ends with a small nail set.
  • Sand the flooring. Watch for splinters and re-glue any loose edges.
  • Finish the flooring by applying the finish of your choice.  Shellac makes a good sealer coat with a polyurethane topcoat.

Ebay Item Specifics
Brand Houseworks
Material Wood
Scale 1:12
Type 1:12 Scale Miniature
UPC Does not apply

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